Be solid.

giano helps you test your business strategies in simulated markets, so you will be stronger when it's showtime.

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It's not magic, it's science.

giano is a service based on a powerful, consolidated, and inter-disciplinary computational simulation technique.

Because your talent doesn't just deserve a future. It deserves a bright one.

Facts about startups

Why you should start using giano today.

The global startup economy is worth nearly $3 trillion. However, it is a fact that 90% of startups fails1. New companies are easy to start-up, but also to end-up2.

Intuition and even experience are not reliable tools: with giano you behave just like a big company making research, fixing problems when they emerge and changing them to your advantage.

Doing your best to prevent unwanted outcomes is not enough.
Let giano help you.

1 It gets better when startups are backed by VCs, still, 70% fails within 20 months after first raising financing.
2 29% fails because companies have cash runaway issues, 18% fails due to pricing issues, 17% fails because companies don't have an adequate business model, 14% fails because companies underestimated the marketing investment.

4 steps to minimize risks and make a solid plan for you biz.

Follow us in this brief journey ↓
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1. Insert your primary parameters

  • - what is your marketing budget*;
  • - what is your pricing strategy*;
  • - what is your capital;
  • - what are your expenses.

* you can select up to three values that you want to test, and we take care of explore the possible combinations so you can switch between different scenarios

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2. Create a model

we create a model* of your SaaS strategy in silico, using a realistic replication of the domain you selected and allowing your simulated startup to enter that digitally recreated market.

* technically, giano uses so-called agent-based models to create this realistic modelization of agents and environment, using top notch marketing research to inform the latter behavior.

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3. Simulate what-if scenarios

at this point, our servers do the heavy lifting, by spinnig the model and running what-if scenarios, exploring every possible combinations of the parameters that you have selected.

not only that, we also vary some other parameter, to see how external shocks will affect your startup, i.e. what happens to cash flow if churn-rate is not stable? what will happen to your runaway?

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4. Optimise course of action

simulations produce a lot of data, that's for sure!

we provide an easy-to-use dashboard to explore them visually and understand the outcomes

and yes, of course, there is also some AI involved to help you identify the winning strategies!

ask for a coupon

start here

ask for a coupon code for 2 FREE simulations by sending us an email here:

info at giano dot rocks

you are good to go!

Login on our app, insert the coupon code and create your experiments!

If you want to have more simulations, just get in touch with us!

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Let giano help you

  • Runaway issues are a threat
    having a grip on cash runaway will bring you sweet dreams
  • Prevent pricing issues
    do you know how much your LTV and CAC values are?
  • Check your marketing investments
    do not underestimate your marketing investment.
Simone Gabbriellini, CEO Manent.AI

We live and breathe in startupland

everyday we witness how great ideas and great teams get lost because of wrong assumptions made on simple spreadsheets...

...we thought of giano as a simple dashboard, with a series of easy-to-use tools that will bring immediate value and increase your chances of success.

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